I’m Nancy Heller,

And I grew up here in Manhattan. I’m married and have a daughter, a life-long passion for literature, interior design, nature, theater, travel, and animals. I love to laugh, but I have a serious side, too. I’m a style-savvy, high-energy New Yorker

I have two degrees – one in Interior Design, and one in Medical Techology.

I’ve been a graphic artist, and I’ve been a medical technologist.

Neither fulfilled me as does my career as a Professional Organizer/Urban Archeologist. In my current (and final profession)– which I really consider more of a calling, I am able to combine my analytical skills AND my creative skills. It’s the sheer joy of helping others “get out from under” and rediscover what is essential to them that brings me tremendous joy. Also the fact that I am often paid in hugs

I’m an Author, too – and proud of my children’s book, Messy Melinda -which was inspired by my daughter. I thought it might be useful to write an organizing book geared to kids that laid out the steps to clean their room in easy steps. And finally, I am SO grateful – to my kind and generous husband who encouraged me – all those years ago, and before professional organizing was even a recognized profession – to start my own business so that others could share the joy of a calm space that welcomes them home each day like a warm embrace.

And lastly, I have ADHD. I mention it last because it doesn’t define me – as I allowed it in the past. It simply makes me…… ME. Through my own personal challenge WITH ADHD has come a deeper appreciation of how our own unique styles make us who we are.

Professional Associations include:

  • National Association of Professional Organizers / Golden Circle member
  • Institute For Challenging Disorganization (Formerly Nat’l Study Group on Chronic Disorganization)
  • Better Business Bureau, Accredited Business
  • Manhattan Chamber of Commerce​

My Promise to You:

I will treat your home with the utmost respect.

I will never be judgmental.

I will bring sensitivity, kindness, and a sense of humor to every job!

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