Messy Melinda


The book has a happy and uplifting ending. Melinda is able to find the toys and things she truly values. Her room looks beautiful, and her mom is very proud of her.

“Messy Melinda was feeling real sad, Her mom was unhappy; her room looked so bad.
There were toys on the table, the bureau the floor. There were mountains of animals, clothing and more…”

So begins the story of Messy Melinda, a story that was inspired by my own daughter after constant begging – BESEECHING – her to tidy her room.

​“Kids’-messy-room-syndrome” has always been the number one complaint I hear from mothers. I wrote this book for them, to open a dialogue and show kids that:

  • Staying organized doesn’t have to be a chore or a punishment, and it doesn’t have to be unpleasant.
  • Tidying up isn’t nearly as hard as it sounds.
  • There are actual benefits to cleaning up.
  • Small, simple steps make a very big difference.

When these points are illustrated in the context of a fun, silly story, that changes how the child perceives them. Hopefully it will even INSPIRE them to clean their room!

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