Hi, I’m Nancy Heller

Certified Professional Organizer

With A Keen Eye For Design And A Passion For Organizing,
I’ll Re-Invent Your Space In Far Less Time Than
You’d Ever Have Dreamed Possible.


Give me 4 hours, I’ll give you Wow !!!

At Goodbye Clutter, I believe your home is the most important place in the world! If your home (or office) feels good, YOU are more likely to feel good.

​Perhaps your desk is buried in papers, or your closet is out of control. Perhaps you haven’t seen your kitchen counter since 1980, and maybe – just maybe, you’re feeling embarrassed or ashamed by the chaotic state of your place. Rest assured; no matter how ‘out-of-control’ you think your place is, I’ve seen ten times worse. No matter how overwhelmed you’re feeling right now, in a relatively short time, WE – (that’s you and me together) can make a huge and quantifiable difference.

Goodbye Clutter is a premier organizing company in the NYC greater metropolitan area. Since 1999, Goodbye Clutter has brought order to both residential and work spaces. With a passion for organizing and an eye for detail, I will help you move past that feeling of being overwhelmed into a feeling of control, so that you no longer feel shackled by the clutter that has invaded your home.

My Philosophy:

Home is the most important place in the world.

It’s your launching pad each day and, hopefully, your respite each night. ​

When your home doesn’t feel good, it’s hard for you to feel good (and be your best, most productive, well-cared-for self.) ​

Clutter is toxic!

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I really want to thank you for your help. You have given me a wonderful new filing system – much cleaner and easier to handle than the old one. Now I can find things in no time at all, and I can easily maintain it.
— Adele Z., UES wife and stay-at-home mother of 3

At my age (80), Nancy Heller isn’t just a luxury. She is a necessity. She is caring, patient and understanding. She transformed my closet so that everything is within arm’s reach. She took things into account I never would have though of. For example, my arthritic shoulder makes it difficult to reach many of the…

— Gloria H

Just a quick thank you for referring Nancy Heller to me. What a DYNAMO! She thought of all kinds of great things and plunged right in, not wasting a second. She might even revolutionize my life. She could see things immediately I could never see, which is the whole point.

— Christopher R, Tudor City, Chiropracter

I was reluctant at first to invite a stranger into my life to bring order to my disorganized mess, but I felt comfortable with Ms. Heller immediately. She doesn’t judge. She just leaps in and gets straight to the heart of the problem. She actually made it fun and took the drudgery out of organizing.

— Gretchen H. Attorney, Midtown East

Nancy brings to decluttering the same passion, creativity and ingenuity that Will Shortz brings to the New York Times crossword puzzle. A four-hour session with Nancy just whizzes by as she helps you to sort your papers, rethink your spaces and reorganize your files. She also has a wealth of information about storage solutions that…

— Astrid B., Life Coach, UWS

Nancy Heller has made my life livable again. Before she came into my life, I couldn’t find things and very often felt frustrated by all the files and piles that were all over my house. Now I can find everything, and I feel like I’ve regained control. Thank you, Nancy Heller.”

— Vivian V, Jackson Heights Queens

My Promise to You:

I will treat your home with the utmost respect.

I will never be judgmental.

I will bring sensitivity, kindness, and a sense of humor to every job!