Create More Space to Simplify Your Life

goodbye clutterMy Promise to You

  • I will treat your home with the utmost respect
  • I will never be judgmental
  • I will bring sensitivity, kindness and a sense of humor to every job!


"Nancy brings to decluttering the same passion, creativity and ingenuity that Will Shortz brings to the New York Times crossword puzzle. A four-hour session with Nancy just whizzes by as she helps you to sort your papers, rethink your spaces and reorganize your files..."


It's time for Spring Cleaning!

Spring is finally here! And what better way to jump-start your spring cleaning project than a visit from Goodbye Clutter?


At Goodbye Clutter, I believe that home is the most important place in the world. Home should be comfortable, inviting and peaceful. It should support your hopes and dreams, lift your spirit and nourish your soul. It should be the place to which you look forward to going at the end of the day.


By eliminating clutter and working with the things you treasure, I can help you create a space that not only feels good, looks good and FUNCTIONS well, but will Save Time, Save Money, Avoid duplication, Eliminate confusion and waste, Gain Control over Paper and Belongings. Get Clarity.