At Goodbye Clutter, I believe your home is the most important place in the world! If your home (or office) feels good, YOU are more likely to feel good.

Perhaps your desk is buried in papers, or your closet is out of control. Perhaps you haven’t seen your kitchen counter since 1980, and maybe – just maybe, you’re feeling embarrassed or ashamed by the chaotic state of your place. Rest assured; no matter how ‘out-of-control’ you think your place is, I’ve seen ten times worse. No matter how overwhelmed you’re feeling right now, in a relatively short time, WE - (that’s you and me together) can make a huge and quantifiable difference.

Goodbye Clutter is a premier organizing company in the NYC greater metropolitan area, bringing order to both residential and work spaces. Combining a strong design sense and 15+ years of experience and training, I will help you move past that feeling of being overwhelmed into a feeling of control, so that you no longer feel shackled by the clutter that has invaded your home.

Mission: To help busy New Yorkers live and work more comfortably and productively in their home (or home office) by helping them weed out, sort through, maximize space, and redirect unwanted items in an environmentally responsible way.

Whether working with “difficult” situations where clutter is excessive, re-vamping an office, helping a client prepare or unpack after a relocation, our commitment is strong: We’re not happy until you are happy.

I would welcome the opportunity to earn your trust, exceed your expectations, and deliver the very best service possible.


My work has been featured in Good Housekeeping Magazine, “Best of” New York Magazine and various other publications.